About Our Business

printing press repairDeb and John Silva work on a Johannisberg 41″ Cylinder Die Cutter installation at Franklin Printing in Farmington, Maine.

John D. Silva, owner and founder of JDS Industrial Graphic Services, entered into the printing industry in 1982 as a printing press repair technician and equipment installer for a leading east coast printing press and binding equipment dealer. Soon thereafter, he became familiar with the knowledge needed to move this equipment, as he also became a primary truck driver for the company he worked for, responsible for delivering the printing machinery needed to sustain and operate the many printing companies he served.

During this time, it was John’s responsibility to transport printing press equipment from point of purchase to the company’s Rhode Island facility. There, he led a team in the refurbishing, assembly, and testing of equipment prior to demonstration to future customers. With this experience, John’s ability to troubleshoot and repair problems was solidified.

Some 12 years after traveling the globe relocating and refurbishing printing press machinery, John had a yearning to be consistently located near home. In 1994, JDS Industrial Graphic Services was formed, and quickly became a leader in the repair, relocation, and modification of printing and bindery machinery. As of 2014, we now have over 20 years as a family business serving the area’s printing needs.

With over 30 years individual experience working in the printing industry, John D. Silva continues to provide critical services to clients during their greatest times of need.

JDS Industrial Graphic Services utilizes firsthand experience and team communication combined with careful planning and execution for each project, to provide services to companies in a professional manner.

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Heidelberg SBD Cylinder Die Cutter

Heidelberg SBD 35-inch Cylinder Die Cutter after refurbishing
for Elegant Packaging in Chicago, Illinois.